“I am enjoying Total Tuition because I like the different teachers and I LOVE Martha (the therapy dog), she makes me happy if I’ve had a bad week.”

“I would like to go to school. It depends which school but… I would rather stay at Total Tuition forever because it’s great!”


Our primary provision welcomes children who are permanently excluded, at risk of exclusion, with additional learning needs, or who may be coping with social and emotional challenges.

Our primary provision is a standalone centre based in Pegswood, Morpeth. Our educational and stimulating learning environment and sensory garden provides spaces for children to learn, relax, and be inspired.

We work closely with referring parties to create timetable a that works well for each child.

We ensure consistent communication with school, Local Authority, and parents to ensure we are working together to discuss and work towards next steps.


One of the unique elements of Total Tuition is the exclusive 1:1 and 1:2 learning that children are provided with whilst in our centre. This allows us to develop strong positive relationships with each child.


We create a bespoke curriculum of core subjects for each child depending on their needs. This maps to the National Curriculum, but the flexibility allows us to tailor to fill any gaps in education and support towards specific exams or school reintegration.


We embed social and emotional learning into every minute of the time a child is with us. We recognise the importance of tackling social and emotional issues as a priority to support academic learning.

Full inclusions:

A Topic-Based Curriculum
This includes core subjects, mapped towards National Curriculum outcomes, working towards formal and informal assessment. We will endeavour to prepare children for statutory assessments.
We keep PSHE at the forefront of our minds, and weave elements of this through all of our sessions.

1:1 and 1:2 Tuition
Our 1:1 and 1:2 tuition is completely individualised to the needs of the child, to best support their personal academic and emotional goals. We will only place children in a 1:2 group following their initial assessment period, so that we can thoroughly understand learning style, ability, and needs before placing 1:2.

A Stimulating Learning Environment
Our centre design is themed around the outdoors, and we have a well-stocked library and plenty of resources. We encourage children to share and play with others during break times, to play board games, group games, or craft.

Social and Emotional Support
We promote and teach essential skills and competencies to children, including self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making. In addition to this, we have two Total Tuition St Bernard therapy dogs, Martha and Nellie.

Managing Behaviour and Encouraging Good Choices
We listen to children, and calmly encourage and challenge them to make positive choices with regard to their behaviour. We provide clear boundaries, and are consistent in managing them. We reward good behaviour, and honour our word.
Rights, responsibilities, and respect are embedded into our ethos.

Regular Reporting
Our school referral or Local Authority contact receives weekly reviews for each child, and is invited to all meetings relating to progression and potential reintegration.
In addition, they will receive a copy of each child's termly progress reports.
All parents/carers also receive a weekly e-mail copy of the child's report when requested.

Reintegration Packages
We are able to prepare and support children for potential reintegration back into full-time schooling, ensuring a carefully managed transfer with regular reviews during the reintegration process.