“I am learning how to use new writing styles and techniques in my writing that will help me get a higher grade.”

“Total Tuition have a good workspace with great teachers who are experts in their subjects."


Our secondary provision welcomes children who are permanently excluded, at risk of exclusion, with additional learning needs, or who may be coping with social and emotional challenges.

Our secondary provision is based within the YMCA building and Ashington. The secondary learning spaces are primarily 1:1 learning booths, with access to quiet teaching pods and group learning spaces if required. We also provide an age-appropriate breakout area for students.

Our secondary pupils attend Total Tuition for a minimum of two sessions per week, each lasting two hours. Within this time they cover maths and English to support relevant examinations or school reintegration.

We have a heavy social and emotional focus, and often incorporate PSHE into our sessions to allow children to build positive relationships with the teachers and to support social and emotional wellbeing.

We ensure consistent communication with school, Local Authority, and parents to ensure we are working together to discuss and work towards next steps.

1:1 and 1:2 learning

We offer secondary 1:1 learning in maths and English, with 1:2 offered to longer-term students who require experience working alongside peers to support school reintegration or exam preparation.


Our secondary students come to us for a variety of reasons, and their sessions are planned to support the academic and personal goals of the individual child. No two sessions are the same.


We offer 1:1 learning booths, with the option to learn within quiet teaching pods if needed. Our breakout area includes games, magazines, and tea and coffee facilities.