Catch-Up Tuition Services

Total Tuition provides trusted 1:1 and very small group tuition to Local Authorities and schools. We specialise in closing attainment gaps in learning for children who are disengaged from education due to behavioural, social/emotional, and special educational needs.

As well as our standard alternative provision and tuition services, Total Tuition are now able to provide bespoke school holiday and after-school tuition services to Local Authorities, schools, and private referrals. Our trauma-informed tuition is available to support all children, including those who may have missed out on education due to the Covid-19 pandemic.


About Our Catch-Up Tuition

High Quality and Professional Teaching


The impact of education loss disproportionately falls on the vulnerable and less advantaged. 

Our passionate tutors have a wealth of experience and success working with disengaged children and those with behavioural, social/emotional, and special educational needs. 

Our services include:

  • A bespoke catch-up curriculum to ensure each individual child is provided with suitable and achievable targets for closing learning gaps as a result of Covid-19 or other challenges
  • On site, in home, school, and/or remote learning opportunities for children in the North East of England, and remote learning opportunities for children based anywhere in the UK 
  • Mapping to EHCP and school-set targets where applicable
  • Social and emotional support
  • Progress feedback on a weekly basis
  • An invitation for all children attending at least 1x half-day per week during the holidays to attend a free drop-in session during the summer break to support mental health and wellbeing.


We are happy to work directly with referring parties to create a blended learning approach, and are able to assess, plan, and deliver a bespoke catch-up curriculum for each individual student or small group.  

For referring parties with students who already attend Total Tuition or Rosewood Independent School, we are able to offer continued educational provision for part of the school holidays to support with catch-up as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic or for specific target support.


Local Authority Referrals

We currently work with 6 UK based Local Authorities, providing successful placements and educational support to vulnerable children.

We have a wealth of experience working with: 

  • Children who have EHCPs
  • Children who are undergoing assessment for an EHCP
  • Children who are Looked After
  • Children who are known by social services
  • Children who have been permanently excluded or who are at risk of exclusion from school




School Referrals 

We have worked closely with a number of schools in the North East to provide alternative provision and tuition placements to students.

We support schools by: 

  • Providing alternative provision
  • Providing private tuition
  • Supporting with exclusion prevention
  • Supporting with EHCP applications 


Private Referrals

We welcome referrals from around the UK to support with:

  • Education and Health Care Plan applications 
  • Remote learning private tuition



What People Are Saying

“We feel that Total Tuition is an excellent setting which addresses the needs of our students brilliantly. The setup is perfect for those who are unable to engage in group learning, as it allows them to learn on a 1:1 basis, but also builds in opportunities to develop group learning skills. The provision has already surpassed our expectations with what we believed was possible for our young people, and we look forward to seeing just how much they are able to achieve in the future.”

Newcastle Virtual School

“One of our students had real issues with attending a large, and more often than not, busy school environment. This led to him falling behind and missing out on his education due to his anxieties. We took the student to Total Tuition for a visit and knew instantly that this would be the perfect environment for him. It was more one to one based learning and have seen a huge difference not only in his work, but his whole personality too. They have focused on bringing out his weaker areas but enhancing on his stronger ones too. The progress made has been outstanding!”

Atkinson House School, Northumberland

“The current size of Total Tuition, and the focused one-to-one teaching for all pupils, means that all staff, including senior leaders, have a good working knowledge and set of working relationships with the pupils.”

Northumberland Local Authority Report 2019