Alternative Provision

We provide entirely bespoke tuition services at home, in school, or remotely.

Alternative Provision At Your Site

We are able to provide bespoke alternative provision within your own setting. This service would include a staff team who are able to tutor academic subjects and provide pastoral and behavioural support.

Alternative Provision at Our Site or Externally Sourced

We have an alternative provision site in Ashington and access to a Forest School and Outdoor Learning site. We offer alternative provision on a primarily 1:1 basis.

Home or Remote Learning

We are able to provide tuition within the child’s home or via video call, subject to risk assessment.

Our Ashington site is a registered NCFE exam centre, and so we welcome students who require a quiet setting to sit Functional Skills examinations in maths and English to sit them in our centre.

If you prefer alternative provision in larger groups, we can help source appropriate alternative provision elsewhere and provide progress and attendance monitoring of the placement.

All of our staff are able to deliver mental health and PSHE interventions.

Information for Current Alternative Provision Placements

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Prior to registering as an independent school, Rosewood Independent School operated only as a successful part time alternative provision, Total Tuition.
We are please to be able to offer continued alternative provision placements through Total Tuition
We provide bespoke alternative provision for children aged 6-16 years, supporting children who face challenges in formal education settings to access education. We deliver all services with a trauma-informed approach, and have proven success in reengaging children with challenging behaviours, mental health issues, and special educational needs. We provide our alternative provision on a 1:1 and very small group basis, supporting our students to identify appropriate academic pathways and to develop socially and emotionally.
All children on alternative provision placements are on a separate register to Rosewood Independent School students.
They do, however, attend their provision on the Rosewood Independent School site and play an equal role in the school community, this includes sharing groups and wearing Rosewood school uniform if they wish.
School reports and communication for alternative provision will be delivered on Total Tuition letterheads, and delivered on Rosewood letterheads for children on the school roll.
All students attending for alternative provision will be provided with the same standard and quality of teaching and learning as those attending Rosewood Independent School. Our policies and procedures cover all students accessing education on our site.
We do make it clear to external professionals that students on alternative provision placements are attending Total Tuition Alternative Provision at Rosewood Independent School.
Please contact us if you require any further clarification.