Our model for a holistic alternative service provision is unique in the North East.

We provide our services with an element of flexibility to ensure that children receive the right learning at the right time. We provide services through a Service Level Agreement.

You are able to choose a bespoke package of staffing depending on your needs. Training is available at an additional cost.

All Service Level Agreements are based on a minimum Agreement for 1x staff member per day per week and include:

A set daily rate for the staff member purchased.

Where working directly with students, this includes up to 4 hours of contact time and up to 2 hours of admin/reporting. For all other services the day rate operates from 9am-3.30pm.

– Staffing based on 39 weeks (one academic year)

When purchased midway through a year, the Agreement ends at the end of term in July.

The flexibility to share staff across multiple school sites.

Agreements are based on a minimum of 1 staff member per site per day. Eg. A school with 2 sites can purchase one team of 2 staff for 1 day, or 1 staff member for 2 days.

Full risk assessments undertaken by our staff.

We do this prior to undertaking any activity. All risk assessments at a student’s home are undertaken by 2 staff.

Attendance at meetings

We attend meetings or reviews on request.

– The ability to request additional ‘add on’ hours on an ‘as and when’ basis

Availability is not guaranteed and is based on staffing. If your Agreement includes one staff member, additional hours can be purchased to support with risk assessments undertaken in student’s homes.

– Full reporting

We send weekly reports to each school to detail the work we have undertaken that week, including individual student reports.