Interventions and Transition Support

We create bespoke interventions to support individual students across a range of academic and pastoral issues.

We have vast experience working with children who are Looked After and those who have experienced or are diagnosed with attachment disorder.

We recognise that movement between settings (home and/or educational) can be traumatic for children, particularly where strong bonds have been created with staff.

We provide transitional support to students moving between settings, which begins with a plan created alongside professionals who know the child, and with the input of the child. This way, we can allow the child a sense of autonomy, and develop their sense of competence, relevance, and relatedness.

Our transition support plans will differ from child to child, but the goal of each remains the same; to support a positive transition and building of positive relationships within the new setting.

We work with other involved professionals to create and support delivery of these plans across schools and/or home settings. Our primary focus is education, but we are able to tailor this to mental health and therapeutic interventions.